Having the “Power to Produce”

As I began working on a webcast titled “Quick Tips to Boost Productivity…” I, true to form, began reflecting on the very idea of productivity. Being ever interested in the etymology of a word, I grabbed my dictionary (in reality I looked it up on the internet) and was pleased to find the following statement defining “productivity”:


pro•duc•tiv•i•ty – “having the power to produce”


This brought me to examine the frequency in which creative groups, particularly those in corporate environments, feel powerless to effectively and efficiently produce. When working with creatives, I often hear of their frustration to output a product that speaks their visual sensibilities (and training) and to the strategies behind a client’s vision.  So, here are just a few worthy nuggets of goodness to tuck in your pocket.

Communicate effectively

As creatives, we need to become as good at communicating with our words as we are with our pens (or pixels). Designers, especially juniors, are often not expected to come to the table with compelling justification as to the value and accuracy of their message.  Simply put, our ideas can’t express themselves and, as the creator, we assume that because we understand our strategic journey on a project, so will everyone else. The client didn’t have said experience with us, so it’s up to us to educate them through it.


Put your feelings into the design


Unfortunately (or fortunately) we’re in a profession requiring us to reach into deep inside and ultimately express something about ourselves. I had an acting professor once explain method acting using Lee Strasberg’s own words… “feeling does not reside in prose or verse, but in the accent with which it is delivered.”

How fitting to our area of design.

Whether enema packaging or the layout of a Victoria’s Secret POP, give it your all. Passion makes everything sexier.

Design with passion, but keep your feelings in check when having a conversation with your client. Remember they are critiquing your design as it relates to the business goals, not looking to make you tear-up or throw a tantrum. Again, educate them through the process. Keep your feelings out of the conversation.





These simple ideas will help to empower you and your team. Before you can produce great design, you have to have the power to do so.

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